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Keep your Electrical Systems up to date!

With new Smart Home products and technologies coming out, there is no better time to upgrade your home’s electrical system.  Our experts will help you understand why it is important to have your electrical systems up to date. Give us a call at 613-225-3249 to ask us any questions, or set up an appointment.   From, the team at Mike Fuller Electric Ltd!   If you have a minute, take a look at this article on Houzz showing us all the Smart Home gadgets that exist out Continue reading →

Why Rewire your home

“Why homeowners rewire their older home” We have being rewiring homes for more than 27 years and homeowners are rewiring their home for different reasons than they did years ago. We are seeing more homeowners rewiring so they can sell their house. It started about 5 years ago (2009), homeowners would put their home up for sale but found too many potential buyers walking away because the house had old wiring otherwise known as “knob and tube wiring or just “knob and tube”. Sometimes potential Continue reading →