Electrical Inspections are designed to protect the people in your home or building from electrical hazards.

The electrical system is one of the more complicated systems in your home which demands great respect because it is the most dangerous. Essentially, your electrical system starts when it comes to your home from the city transformer via overhead or underground wires. It travels through the main service panel, and various circuits within the home until they reach the outlets. Older homes or homes where renovations have taken place may contain hidden electrical issues behind the walls which cannot be diagnosed by a home inspector.

Old Electrical Panel…


The Canadian Safety Association and the Ontario Electrical Safety Code has been revised and improved over 20 times since its inception in 1927. To protect your home, have an Electrical Home Inspection performed by a Certified Electrical Inspector when purchasing a century home, any resale home, or when undergoing any renovations, and additions to your home.

Here’s a fun fact,
According to the 2006 Stats Canada , 45% of all homes in Ontario change hands every 5 years. Even though a home may have been meticulously wired when first built, unqualified and non inspected work is often performed after the initial inspection as people renovate, add equipment and build-on. The older the home, the greater the risk that not only is the home not up to today’s standards, but in fact, may not even be up to the standards of many previous years.

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