Does your Home still have an old style fuse panel? Are circuits overloaded? Have circuits been “doubled-up?”
Has new wiring been added over the years, and does it meet code? Has your Insurance Company refused to renew your home insurance policy?
– Your home may be in need of a service panel upgrade.

From this:                                                                                   To this:

Old Electrical Panel

Old Electrical Panel

New Electrical Panel

New Electrical Panel


Modern Circuit Breaker Panels are more convenient, and are built to far higher safety standards than outdated fuse panels.

Older Equipment and wiring systems did not have to support the modern appliances of our day. Overloading and doubling up of circuits is commonly seen on older outdated fuse panels, the result of improper installations that were never inspected. This may cause fires. Upgrading the source of power distribution to your home by installing a new Circuit Breaker Main Service Panel, can eliminate this potentially dangerous situation.

Here are some reasons to Upgrade your Panel:

  •  Reduce the chance of an electrical fire.
  •  Eliminate doubled-up circuits.
  •  Eliminate the need to replace fuses, or the chance to install the wrong size of fuse, which is a common fire hazard.
  •  Capacity to add additional circuits in the future.
  •  Increase the resale value of your home.

Don’t compromise on safety.
First, have your system inspected. Then, we will help you to decide on whether you should have your outdated fuse panel replaced with a modern Circuit Breaker panel.

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