What is a rewire?
It ism simply, to provide (an appliance, a building or home) with new electrical wiring.

For most people, rewiring an older home is the furthest thing from their mind when they think of all the upgrades that they can (or want to) do to their home. From a safety standpoint, it is often one of the most important, yet overlooked decisions to be made.
Since the 1950s, individual home electrical use has increased by more than 400 percent, and yet this fact is often overlooked by homeowners who believe that their electrical system is still adequate. The type of cable used to wire homes has had dramatic improvements over the last 50 years, and the Electrical Safety Code changes about every 4 years.


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So, when is Rewiring necessary?
If a property has not been rewired in the last 20-25 years, chances are it will need upgrading to bring it up to current standards. If you are extending your home, or converting an attic or garage, this will constitute new work and therefore the new wiring will have to conform to the most current Electrical Safety codes.

How to get started…
You should be able to tell if a house has been rewired recently by inspecting exposed parts of the wiring and by the electricity meter and fuse box (now known as the consumer unit). You can ask to do this when being shown around a property you are thinking of buying, or by inspecting your home.
If you have an older home and are unsure about any rewiring needs,or have any questions about rewiring, renovating, or remodeling, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can talk to you about an electrical home inspection where we will explain to you the safety and quality of your current wiring, provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision, and work alongside you to decide the best possible solutions for all of your electrical needs.

The trusted expects at Mike Fuller Electric have been providing complete rewiring services (that include knob and tube replacement, rewiring underground wiring, and rewiring aluminum and copper tails) to the commercial and residential customers of Ottawa since 1987.

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