“Why homeowners rewire their older home”

We have being rewiring homes for more than 27 years and homeowners are rewiring their home for different reasons than they did years ago.
We are seeing more homeowners rewiring so they can sell their house. It started about 5 years ago (2009), homeowners would put their home up for sale but found too many potential buyers walking away because the house had old wiring otherwise known as “knob and tube wiring or just “knob and tube”.
Sometimes potential buyers would put in a conditional offer, conditional upon inspection and found that the home inspector would red flag the homes electrical system and the culprit would be the knob and tube or ungrounded wiring. The potential buyers would sometimes back away from the sale. That is worse than it sounds because when you factor in the time and energy spent on agreeing on a purchase price and preparing your house to be shown every day.
We have seen homes go up for sale for a couple of months and taken off the market, rewired and then put back on the market.
This has become the number one reason to rewire, number two reason is insurance, number three reason is for safety, convenience and peace of mind.

You may say, we’ll it’s easy for me to say these things because I am an electrical contractor and would gain from more rewires. The fact is that previously homeowners would sell their home and the new homeowner would rewire the house before they moved in, no furniture no occupants a much easier home to rewire and the homeowners got exactly what they wanted as far as electrical upgrades at the same time.

My advice is that if you must rewire your home for sale or any other reason, to have it rewired up to today’s standard, I don’t just mean the electrical code standard but what most homeowners want from there electrical system, such as, a center light in bedrooms and through-out the house, pot lights where appropriate, lots of plugs and switched plugs, interconnected smoke detectors on each floor of the house, dimmer switches, upgrade the main electrical service.

If you are rewiring to sell your home, rewire as if you were the new buyer, your home will reflect this consideration.

Mike Fuller
Mike Fuller Electric
Ottawa, Ontario