Bathroom Fan Options

bathroom fan options ottawa

Bathroom fan options range in size, styles, and colors. They may be standalone designs that feature only the ventilating fan or combo units, including the fan and a light fixture or heat lamp. There are even advanced models that combine Bluetooth capability and a speaker, enabling you to stream music wirelessly from a tablet, smartphone, or home media equipment.

Pay consideration to the sound ratings when buying vent fans. Although it might look like an unimportant point, a noisy fan can be pretty distracting when you are attempting to relax in the bathtub. Sound grades of 1.0 or fewer are the best option.

One of the more critical decisions is to make sure the fan runs at a capacity adequate for the measurement of the room. Vent fan capacity gets measured by CFM (cubic feet per minute), the unit moves the volume of air. Generally, the higher the capacity, the better, but a vent fan unit can be too powerful for the area, creating a negative pressure situation in the bathroom. It can interfere with the operation of furnace ducts or sucking cold air through windows, so it is essential to choose a vent fan unit sized suitably for the square footage of your bathroom.

  • Smaller than 50 square feet: 50 CFM
  • Larger than 50 square feet: 1 CFM per square foot

There are two types of bathroom exhaust fans: blade and squirrel cage. The squirrel cage type is a cylinder with blades around the side of it. It is quieter and more efficient than the blade type but is more expensive. 

Some bathroom exhaust systems have a fan in line with a duct and away from the room, resulting in a quieter operation. The remote mounting approach can get used when noise is of particular concern when the bathroom fan runs continuously as part of a whole-house ventilation strategy. 

Some bathroom exhaust units have a light, and some have a heater and a light. The combination units can add functionality without much wiring or mounting difficulty.


Fan with Lights Option

A combined light can lessen the number of fixtures and switches in the bathroom. The lighting should be compact fluorescent, or a LED to save energy. Some fan types use 2-pin compact fluorescent bulbs rather than a conventional socket, check to ensure the connection type.


Heated Units Option

A bathroom fan can have a heating element in the middle of it. In an older home, a bathroom with added heat is a great way to add warmth and comfort. In a newer, better-insulated home, there should be less need for additional heat sources. If the central heating is programmed to an energy-saving low temperature, supplemental heating in the bathroom may be needed.


Operating Energy Used

The US EPA ENERGY STAR plan rates bathroom fans and other appliances for energy efficiency. Utilizing an ENERGY STAR rated bathroom fan will assure a minimum production level, including:


  • Maximum sound level by fan size (from 2.0 to 3.0 sones)
  • Minimum efficiency of 2.8 cfm/Watt
  • Min. fixture efficiency (uses fluorescent bulbs)
  • Minimum rated airflow

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