Ceiling Fan Electrical Box

ceiling fan electrical box

It is crucial to support a ceiling fan electrical box properly to avoid injury and damage to your house. There are several ways to brace a ceiling fan, including using a box with straps or a woodblock. A visual inspection is highly encouraged to confirm that the previous work is adequate. If there is no attic space accessible to inspect the construction, other options are available.

Junction Boxes for Ceiling Fans

The junction boxes get made with special braces that extend to contact adjacent ceiling joists. These braces are nailed or screwed into the beam. A box with a set-nipple on it that allows it to travel laterally along the brace. A brace-joist connection is the best way to check if the box got installed correctly.

Ceiling Fan Electrical Box Support Requirements 

The Canadian Electric Code requires all fans to get supported with an outlet box or outlet box system listed on the ceiling fan support page. The manufacturer must have identified the outlet box system as acceptable for ceiling fan installations. If the original box is not listed, it must be retrofitted and attached securely to the building structure.

Existing Electrical Box Inspection

The best way to check if a box is secure is to inspect from above. Squeezing into the attic will give the best visibility of the electrical box installation. If you are connecting a fan in a room with no attic space, you will have to determine from below. Look for the electrical box attachment points. Is it screwed from the sides to wood, or does it go through the top of the box? Does threaded bolt support it?

Wood Supported Electrical Box

Some older homes have ceiling boxes with a fan. The builders who framed the ceiling may have attached a block between the joists of the roof. The box should get attached with screws to the bottom of the wood. If the box got mounted on only one side, it needs further support. If you cannot see how the box got braced, hire an electrician to inspect it for you.

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