Outdoor Ceiling Fan Installation

outdoor ceiling fan installation

An outdoor ceiling fan installation is excellent for patios and decks with a roof over the top. The installation of a ceiling fan requires electricity and wires. If you don’t feel comfortable with electrical wires, then hire an electrician to run them. Do-it-yourselfers can do this task with a little planning, knowledge, and precautions. The following are some tips to get you started with installing a ceiling fan.

The first step is to choose a ceiling fan. Make sure the fan you want has a damp rating and the size of the fan. Check the front corner of a box. Is it Damp Rated and can get used in any outdoor environment? You will also need to plan where you will mount your fan. Measure to the center of your ceiling if appropriate, and mark the location. Double-check that the blades are not in contact with light, beams, or other obstacles.

Make sure your roof is tall enough for the fan to circulate without putting anyone’s head in danger. Make sure your power is off. Flip the circuit breaker and test the wires to make sure they are not live. A circular hole saw is used to drill a hole for a ceiling fan brace and an electrical box on a porch. The hole shouldn’t be larger than the base of the fan. It will cause the edges to show up. A 4-inch hole saw is utilized for typical ceiling fans.

Install Fan Wiring

Then it’s time to install your new fan. Start by connecting the electrical wire to the location where the fan will go. It will let you turn the fan on and off. If you are a DIYer, you can either run the wiring directly to the circuit box or wire it to an outlet nearby. Add wiring to a light switch from the fan. A person may pull wires through a wall or crawl into the attic to get them to their destination.

Install the Electrical Box

Once the rough wiring gets finished, install the electrical box. If your outdoor space has beams exposed, then you can mount the box to the joists. If you have a ceiling brace, insert it. Stretch it out as needed and install it to the rafters. The brace gets pressed into the cross beams on either side of the hole. If you can not get it up, you may need to climb into the ceiling. Follow the instructions that came with your fan to attach your electrical box to the brace and pull your wires through before mounting it. It’s an easy way to connect a bracket to a wall. Then you will slide the box on the screws and rotate it slightly. Then you will tighten the screws.

Assemble Outdoor Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a large piece of furniture that comes unassembled. It is essential to set up the fan blades and any lighting features. Follow the directions for your model and ensure all bolts and screws are tight.

Install the Ceiling Fan

After you have the fan assembled, mount the base to the box and wire it up. You will need to be careful with the wiring. If you are doing the wiring job, you will need to pay special attention. Use wire connectors to connect the wires. Secure the fan to the electrical box so it will not shake once in motion. Once the fan is in place, turn it back on and make sure it is moving freely. Install your light bulbs and make sure they work as expected. A ceiling fan is a great way to bring in the outdoors. A fan on a porch will make for a relaxing place enjoy the outdoors.

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