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At Mike Fuller Electric we pride ourselves on our ability to complete your electrical needs efficiently.

It’s important we offer upfront pricing because no one wants last minute pricing surprises. Knowing the fee of your electrical requirements, provides you with financial satisfaction and assurance.

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A hot tub is a Wonderful way to relax after a long, tough day. Whether you plan on inviting friends,relaxing with a drink, or merely taking it easy with your partner or kids. A spa can give a relaxing and enjoyable addition to your home.

Working on any electrical appliance such as a hot tub could be very dangerous. and needs to be left to trained  licensed electricians. The demands of a hot tub are typically 50 or 60 amps. Some have the ability to lower the amperage, lessening the demand. Therefore a load calculation must be done to determine whether or not your home can handle the added power usage.

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Each in ground Pool project includes certain peripheral prices that have to be figured when calculating a budget. One cost is electric hook-up. Bear in mind that swimming pool electrical hook-up prices may vary widely from setup to install. A normal hook-up usually includes wiring the pump, lighting and also a chlorinator. Each extra piece of pool equipment that has to be wired, will increase electricity demand from the main panel.

In both the case of a Hot tub or pool, a change at your main panel may be necessary. Adding a sub panel or increasing your service size, are options that have to be considered.

 These are just some of the considerations you must make when buying a hot tub or pool. If you’re thinking about, or have concerns, give us a call.

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