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Thinking about installing an electric vehicle charging station in Ottawa? You’ve come to the right place. Sales of electric vehicles have surged over the past year. Most charging is being done at home via personal charging stations. As this is still a relatively new phenomenon, Ottawa doesn’t yet have the public infrastructure in place.

Our Experience

We have installed many different types of chargers over this short time span. From the popular FLO charger, to the Juice Box, to the powerful Tesla super charger. We can work with you to determine which is best to fit your needs. Already have one in mind? Let’s discuss what specs will be needed. Charging stations can require anywhere from 30 amps to 100.

With two electric vehicles on the road my self (1 work van, and 1 personal) I have first hand experience on how these chargers operate and the features they may process. 

At Mike Fuller Electric we pride ourselves on our ability to complete your electrical needs efficiently.

It’s important we offer upfront pricing because no one wants last minute pricing surprises. Knowing the fee of your electrical requirements, provides you with financial satisfaction and assurance.

We offer suitable appointment booking that fits your schedule.

Thinking about installing an electric vehicle charging station? Or have concerns, give us a call.

The future is now. Plug into the age of green transportation.


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