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Mike Fuller Electric has proudly served Ottawa for over 30 years

Ottawa's Trusted Electricians

Mike Fuller Electric has proudly served Ottawa for over 30 years

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Electrical Handyman Services

Electricians are an essential asset if you’re looking to get electrical work done in your home. But not a lot of people are particularly familiar with the type of tasks an electrician can do for you. If you live in the greater Ottawa, like Kanata and Orleans, you might be wondering what kind of electrician services you can get.

While Handymen can be hired for simple electrical work like installing outlets or wiring, that’s not all they’re equipped to do. You might be shocked to learn that your electrician can do much more than you might expect. Here are some of the services that are offered by an electrician.

Repairing, Maintaining or Replacing Old Wiring

The wiring grid in your house plays a crucial role in providing power to the whole house. But sometimes this wiring isn’t up to date or isn’t up to its full capacity. Here is where someone like an electrician can step in and overhaul your installation up to proper code and standards.
If you have an older house that has lousy wiring or if a surge of thunderstorms has degraded your electrical system, then an electrician will be able to help you out. You can have faulty wiring repaired, maintained, or even replaced altogether.

Basics of an Electrical Handyman

Installing Lights, Fixtures, and Fans

Things like power outlets, lights, and fans are necessities for the average home. If nothing else, you’d need these bare essentials installed in your home at all costs.
Luckily, an electrical handyman are well equipped to handle tasks like these. A professional electrician can efficiently work with you to fit interior lighting, fixtures, and ceiling fans in your home. Sometimes you can even use their services to install outdoor lights such as porch lighting, garden lights,

Pool lights, or driveway lights.

Outlet and Wiring Extensions

It’s common to have pre-fitted outlets in your home that aren’t in the desired place. Sometimes your appliances aren’t able to reach the outlets in your home correctly. For power-hungry devices like Air Conditioners, Fridges, Electric Heaters, and Water Heaters, you need a dedicated outlet that isn’t being used by something else.

Here is where only using a standard power strip isn’t an option. You need to have a professional electrician on hand that can extend wiring and outlets for you. Most electricians will assess what kind of power requirements you need based on your appliance and use appropriate equipment to prevent any blowouts, trips, or damage to your devices.

Fixing Code Violations

Sometimes you can have improper wiring or electrical work in your home that violates your city’s residential codes. These can arise in very traditional houses or improper work done by a previous homeowner. Regardless of their origin, these violations can earn you severe penalties and may even restrict you from selling your house.
Thankfully, this is an area that electricians are well versed. Most electricians will easily be able to assess the state of your house’s electrical wiring and remedy any possible violations.

Miscellaneous Services

Not all services will be related to basic electrical tasks. Sometimes you may have specific needs for your home that may not be something you’re comfortable doing yourself. Whether it’s installing an emergency alarm, a new generator, a pool relay, or other specialized services, you need the right person for the job.
For these kinds of tasks, enlisting the help of a certified electrician is a no brainer. Since electricians have years of experience, expertise, and knowledge about their craft, they’re perfectly suitable for nuanced jobs like this.


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